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3:00 am we have it within our grasp to change the direction of our country. from new york, good ni welcome to "red eye." it is like remember the titans if by titans you mean lotion. lets ego to andy levey. >> most americans think the economy is weaker it is now than a few years ago. we'll figure out who whoa have to bomb. and it is time to prepare for the new world order and threatens the u.s. with a war without boundaries. we will alternate between laughing and crying. and jimmy carter says he is the bestest ex-president ever, and i mean it. does anybody want a peanut? greg? >> thank you, andy. >> from thy presence i part so. >> never mock. >> i apologize for nothing. >> why should you? you are a gorgeous man. go away. >> there she is. it is like she has been gone for decades or something.
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>> she is a host on meet the boss tv. she is so stunning they are called gilliguns. and a first time guest, ron long. he was a producer for "cheers" and he recently launched the winter olympics ricochet .com. if comedic genius was push ups, i would do him one handed. and my repulsive sidekick, bill shultz. and sitting next to me, john bolton, former am bes der to the united -- ambassador to the united nations. he knows diplomats like i know hairless cats. and he fabricates stories and lives off past glories. good to see you, pinch. >> check out today's science section. we interview a real-life dolphin researcher. spoiler alert, the monsters are still confirmed rapists and like to murder each other for sport. that's why they were called
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the hitlers of the ocean, greg. >> he didn't call them that. >> he did, but in french. >> how is that french? >> wie. did electing a geek make us look weak? and i am looking sleek. 80% of americans think compared to a few years ago the united states is seen as weaker today in the eyes of the world which makes me wonder what happened a few years ago? i don't know. it will come to me. the poll shows 90% of republicans think the rest of the world regards us as rickity. 82% of independents think we are inofficialed and 66% of democrats think we went from dashing to dainty. but it will change when we unveil our unbeatable army of uni corn men. we only have one so far, but give it time.
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don't let it creep you out. refresh my memory. what is different noun -- now than a couple years ago? >> if you think about it long enough, you get the impression we have a different president who is in new york to talk to hi friends at the united nations and further the impression we are getting weaker. >> are we really weaker though? we talk about our perception, but are we really weaker? we can still bomb everybody. >> it would help to have an economy. that is usually a basis for strength in the world. the way the president is reducing our defense budget and reducing our commitments around the world, i don't think there is much question we are weaker and likely to get more so. >> rob, this is your first question ever on "red eye" so no pressure. >> okay. >> do you believe we are weaker? >> well, i guess i'm practical. you can blow a lot of things up, then you are strong. we make more things than anyone combined. we are making more things to blowup other things. for all of the talk, obama, we are still in afghanistan, he
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redoubled our efforts there. we are still water boarding people left and right, i hope. he is all talk, thank god. but this is a poll that they polled americans and asked them what they think other people think of us. so already kind of confusing. i think most people feel like, the truth is we are cranky and near the end of the rope. we are like that drunk guy at the end of the bar. he asked you to keep it down for like the 10th time. we only look fat. >> but we can still hit you. >> we will follow you outside the parking lot. >> have i been in those situations. > even 66% of democrats think we are viewed as weak. why, why? >> it is obvious. there was that new statistic that one in seven americans is living in poverty. unemployment is through the roof. it is hard to be hopeful in these economic times. i guess obama's change hasn't come as quickly as a lot of people were hoping for. these polls are depressing,
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but we have to take them with a grain of salt. we have to remember we are living in a great country, not to sound cheesy and sappy, but i think we take a lot for granted in this country, and even in these tough times we are still living so much better than we are fortunate to live here. >> chappy, cheesy and sappy is chappy. >> in the same poll, our respawn respondents say you were weaker. >> that's why i don't trust polls for the former and the latter. you shouldn't either. i don't get this. i don't want to be a poll expert, even though i am. if you are wanting to know how the world thinks of america, why would you poll americans? no one in america can find europe on a map. i am going out on a limb and say if we want to know what the world thinks about us, i would poll the rest of the world. >> was it necessary to insult america like that? >> i don't know where the atlantic is or the pacific.
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>> the rest of the world thought we were jerks for a longtime. it is nothing new. >> and the feeling is reciprocal. but the real ib -- the real issue is whether we can defend ourselves and that's where the weakness hurts. >> we talked about it before. obama doesn't have a disdain for america. he has a disdain for being known as number one. it was the idea of being exceptional. he doesn't realize if you forfeit that, that means somebody else will be number one, and they actually want to be number one. they will like the fact that we don't want that man tall. -- the man tell. >> the best you can say is they will miss us when we're gone, but they are not going to be able to get us back when that happens. >> i say that all all of the women who dump me. >> do we need to bomb something like vermont just to show them? >> well, you know, i wouldn't say vermont. there are other choices. vermont should be in the mix. i am not saying that. what we are really talking
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about is china. it is not like we are worried luxembourg or belgium will jump up to the top. china, they don't want us to be number one. let's see how they like china. let's have the world flying to beijing to ask for stuff. then they will come back to us. >> then they will, yeah. >> then they go, oh, oh, not so bad, are we? >> when we start building our wall, then they are thinking, maybe i should have stuck around. >> you l have peeking duck with a side of moushu? you will change your mind. >> the big macs are i can tasting -- are tasting pretty good. he thinks free enterprise isn't wise and he hopes it dies. i speak of ahmadinejad who used his speech to say capitalism is caput which means it is time for a new episode of everybody loves mahmoud.
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>> in tonight's special episode, mahmoud encourages people to, quote, spare no effort in planning for new world order. roll tape. >> the decision making bodies in the international and political fields, are the reasons behind most of the plights today. demanding liberal capitalism has caused the suffering of countless women, men and children in so many countries. >> later in the episode he gets a full body wax. earlier in the day during a press breakfast at a new york hotel they have them there. they warned the obama administration that if iran's new facilities are attacked, the u.s. would face a war that, quote, would know no boundaries, adding war is not just bombs. but bombs help. for more we go to the u.n correspondent.
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>> ambassador, we are not "the o'reilly factor." >> i remember him. >> what did he mean by new world order? what do you think he meant? >> he means his new world order. it is part of their week of charm and diplomacy in, no, and he got a pretty sympathetic reago. >> he got a new suit, bill, he got a new suit. >> yes, slightly less smelly and slightly less borat.
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>> it now fits him. >> he doesn't look like he works with the tsa. >> he has the nice waldorf salad and he is getting beefy. >> what do you make of his threat? >> on the one hand, the consensus is ahmadinejad is a nut job. you don't listen to him about the future of capitalism, but he scares me. he says he is building the nukes, but he is not. he is the type of person that feels he doesn't have anything to lose. he wouldn't be worried if he lets all his people die from retaliation. that's the i'm impression -- the impress i get. >> he changed a bit. >> it is not just the outfit. definitely he is here for fashion week, we know that. it is so obvious. i think he is phoning it in. looking at it if a show business perspective, not that many people at the speech. >> nobody walked out. usually somebody walks out.
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>> this is a warm up. he gives another one on thursday. >> when you have the staimg you go for it. -- the stage you go for it. there is no second act. nobody will tune in. >> i think he is tired and these sanctions are working. i think he is -- >> it is wearing him down. no death to the jews. he didn't make fun of homosexuals. he is getting soft. >> is this the quiet before the storm? that's what scares me. the really bad things happen when there is quiet first. >> here are the details, the press breakfast where he is staying is just up the street. >> you are ahmadinejad. i mean, the four seasons, carlisle. >> so the sanctions are working. >> well, you cannot bring a goat into any of those places. >> well, bes see cannot go through the front door. >> that is inaccurate.
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>> ambassador, when somebody like him is here in new york, where does he eat? you deal with these diplomats all the time. does he go out to dinner and do touristy things? >> i think he does have a food taster, but what is coming up on thursday is the u.n secretary general has a lunch for all of the heads of state. and there is often a ballet that goes on as mahmoud heads toward president obama. will the president steer the other way? will they meet at the drink line? who knows what could happen. >> what does protocol say? does secret service stop him or are they not permitted to stop him? >> the secret service stops who they want to stop. that's the basic protocol. that's the real question. does president obama want a close encounter with ma hued ahmadinejad. -- mahmoud ahmadinejad jie. it is the modern shake now, the lean in. >> and a book, he will have a book to sign. >> that picture will be worth
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a million words come re-election if they look too friendly. >> this is why i will never be president. the handshake. i see the lean in and then the handshake and the tone. es especially with mahmoud. >> a couple questions, his security, are they armed or do they immediately go away and they are replaced with american security? >> they have american security and all foreign visitors do. he is very, very safe. there will be a lot of protests, but he won't be near them. >> it would be great if you went to a show like rock of ages and you were sitting behind him. >> he is like "mary poppins." >> i think "lion king." >> have you your play bill and oh, jesus. >> phantom of the opera.
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to the greg-alogue. it is an iceberg of insanity. last week john stewart announced a rally of his own in washington, d.c. to restore reason sanity or whatever. here he is making the announcement. >> for tonight i announce the rally to restore sanity. it is happening, people. it is happening. it is happening, a real gathering. we will gather. we will gather on the national mall in washington, d.c., a million moderate march. >> that was a cute idea. not as cute as a gay bar near a mosque. but it is in appropriate response to the tea parties and glen beck's thing. it is the exact reason the bald nerdy guy with the glasses might attend and feel
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totally good about himself afterwards. which raises a question. would stewart have uh -- have announced his event if they were short of a tilt? short answer, no. long answer, no. which makes the jokey they wear off. what stewart is doing is not speaking truth to power, but poking fun of them. he is mocking people who are m while the tea party is a bottom up phenomenon stewart is on top looking down. here is proof, democrats complained that stewart's rally will hurt the democrats' chances. they are worried their supporters will hit the rally rather than campaign. translation, stewart will harm the establishment left because he is the establishment left. that doesn't make stewart brave, it makes him a toady. this is what passes for rebellion in media.
3:16 am
it is making fun of people in fan knee packs who prefer sarah palin off sara silverman. if you disagree with me, are you an islamic phobiceurophobe. was this a daring move? it is fun and clever, but is it daring? >> no, it is not daring. remember in the days of nixon they had the rallyes with bob hope and pat boone? >> that's what it looks like. old-fashioned show biz, guys in bad suits. it is sad because it used to be a funny show. >> i think it is a funny show. >> you are funny. >> they laugh at me. >> how can you hold a rally -- obviously you can hold a rally, but when your rallying cry is lighten up, our president is good, that's not
3:17 am
really a rally. imagine the tall lint -- talent, the entire obama economic team on stage, this could be really funny. >> it could be like a variety show like their own little fame. "so you can dance" stuff like that. should this be called smugfest2010? >> i think we are making a mountain out of a mole hill. they are going there because it is like seeing your favorite comedian or concert. is it disturbing they would rather go to this than a real rally? a little, but remember when you are back -- when you were young, you would be worried. >> i would be worried if they wanted to go to a political event. >> when are you leaving, bill? >> i can go if i get a free car. >> that make perfect sense.
3:18 am
you just reflected the whole mentality. >> john stewart c is the establishment left. and he is speaking to the green audience. we work for them. we are speaking to a green audience that wants to make fun of the tea party. what's the difference? >> it is you and him have a lot in common. you are both funny, when in fact you are actually -- >> i think liberal because this show gets a little too right. and that, america, is the truth. >> speaking from eccentric. can you really get drunk on the tears of small children? enter gilligan on her small besmg company. and who does harry read think is the best on the baseball team?
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is it a naughty to call a senator a hottie 1234* what if she has it done on my body and you know karate? i speak of the senate majority leader harry reid who turns out totally digs new york senator gilibrand. should have sounded it out before the segment. on monday, reid says many senators are known for many things. we refer to the senator as the hottest member. according to sources, the remark made the saucy senator blush. but it is not the first time gilibrand has been ranked the lawmaker lusting. it is the fifth on the 50 most beautiful people on capitol hill. mr. marvel, my flying squirrel was ranked fifth. and let's check in with the
3:23 am
capital hill correspondent, dj donny whisper. -- whisker. >> he is really moving up the lady better that act. rob, last week the senator called chris kunz his pet. what is going on with him? these are things you say when you are kind of somewhere else. >> i think he is going for the creepy old man vote which is not small. he could win. >> yeah, because there is actually a lot of bordellos with the name pet in them. >> although i don't like a guy his age referring to "the hot member"? is that what he was saying. >> where bill hangs out hot member is something totally different. >> in the afternoons it is
3:24 am
usually lukewarm. it is false advertising. >> was he just being, you know, silly, charming 1k3* -- charming or harmless? >> i think this is the real harry reid. this is what nevada voters will vote on. and i have to say, if a republican had said that, they would be toast at this moment. and yet he can say it and get away with it. i think from her perspective, this is another gift and a campaign in she she's all she can get. >> should she accept the compliment or sue for sexual harassment? >> it is good to see sex is alive and well in politics. >> i think it is harder for female politicians. it is always about their appearance. i think she should have given it back to him. she should have said thank you for the kind remarks or littlest member as we know you. >> i think that would have been a good one. >> that is nice.
3:25 am
>> bill, this happens to you all the time in the hallways with john gibson and sean hannity walking by. how do you handle it? >> i look to the floor and realize, no, they are talking to the interns, not me. >> he is in a desperate mode, and he is a stiff. he realizes there is a real chance he could lose, so he is doing the i'm a loose guy and i can loosen up. it is like the old guy at a party that has had too much scotch. things come out of his mouth. he knows he will regret it, but he won't stop. that's him at this . in this campaign. >> that's also you right now. >> exactly. i'm here by myself. i am not offending anyone. >> but the real victim here is senator diane fine dye -- dianne feinstein. she puts on a nice outfit and thinks she looks okay. oh, senator gilibrand. >> i think it was directed at pelosi as well. >> i won't play the whole she
3:26 am
deserves it card, but the tube top she wore, inappropriate for that kind of office. well, was david duke just misunderstood? anna gilligan will explain her schoolgirl crush. first, what is the latest on lyndsay lohan? if if you check her poke pockets, an 8 ball of six vie caw den. she stole them from me.
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jimmy carter is awesome and everybody else sucks.
3:30 am
that's according to jimmy rt kaer. in an interview with nbc news, a network that does news, the georgia jughead says he is superior to former other presidents. check it out, check it outers. i feel my role is superior to other presidents. partly because of working at international affairs and to some degree domestic affairs. they have decided to fill vacuums in the world. when the united states won't deal with troubled areas, we go there and we meet with leaders who can bring an end to a conflict or an end to human right abuse. so they are shaped like our nation. >> his off clarified that hement to say,-- he meant to
3:31 am
say, the carter center that he and his wife founded has given him superior opportunities to go good like turning cat into croissants. >> yean what to make of it. i would like to see clinton do that. >> i don't think he can. >> if you were a former president, what would you do with your time? would you sit around talking about trash? >> i don't think it is that big of a deal. you don't get into politics with a small ego. he is older. he can say what he wants. he is a former president. >> i don't know about the saying what he wants thing. i thought presidents were
3:32 am
supposed to say, i had my time. here is your time. i will be out here building houses. >> it is more evidence he is on drugs. if you look at the record he has attacked israel and defended the palestinians. he is partially responsible for north korea's nuclear weapons program with the deal he cut over president clinton's objection. everything he touched turns to draws much like his presidency. >> he is old and bitter. should we just let him have his fun? >> you know, i actually am thinking he was more fun when he was president. i am not that old, but it ind could of feels to me like -- it kind of feels like he kept talking about the peace initiatives. which ones again? just point to a map. which conflict? >> israel and egypt, right? that was pretty big. >> he was president. >> he had camp david. >> but that was the case where the circumstances were right and he had people who knew how
3:33 am
to make a deal like that. actually, it has been since he left the presidency that his temptation has gotten worse. >> you know why? he developed a peanut allergy. one of the things is you get a tourree of the mouth. what made him destroyed him. >> is that true? >> no. >> but i tell you this though, it has to kill you that you are the baseline of all presidential insults. like when somebody talks about obama he goes, is he the next carter? carter is at home going, shut up! >> and cline son is like, right on. -- and clinton is like, right on. >> he has three minutes to give it back to even. let him have it. >> maybe so. does lohan snort blow because her life moves too
3:34 am
slow. that is the main reason the frequently fruit loop failed yet another drug test last week. so the lohan pal said, "lyndsay does drugs because she is board. she took it seriously, but she had all of these people doing drugs in front of her and that's when she sliped. according to people magazine, so crushed after failing said test and quickly twittering about it, the starlet went to another rager followed by a trip to the beverly hills hotel followed by after hours fun. and in a bit of good news, remember lohan's lawsuit again e trade? because one of their talking babies was a milkaholic and named lyndsay? a settlement was given to li-lo and the settlement wasn't puppies.
3:35 am
>> why don't we have a peabody yet? ambassador, i know you have been following this story since it started. any recommendations for what we can do to help this woman or stop her? >> i think sending her to american samoa is the best thing that can happen to her. the whole idea you get publicity for this ind could of behavior and it feeds on itself and her career continues, i meaning is mind boggling. >> scpent taning. -- and entertaining. >> it is not her fault if she is board, right? >> it is a boring old-world we live in. if you think about it, it is a terrible circle. she doesn't work and she has a drug problem. she has a drug problem because she doesn't work. eventually she will run out of money and it will be a helicopter news shot and we will see in some crappy motel -- you know, something awful.
3:36 am
the third will be celebrity rehab. >> they try to get her, but she says no. >> she is not ready yet. >> she has to hit bottom first. i personally love lyndsay. i love her. i love reading stories about her. it makes me feel better about myself and my family because i love the whole lohan crew. i love that michael goes to the press, her father, to talk about how he would help her instead of doing. it i like that dina calls herself the white oprah and gets into fights with carvel. every lyndsay story is a good one. >> this is a job for the carter center. >> if they solve this -- >> i take it back. >> bill, this whole thing with e-trade, how did they get money out of this? i don't think they got any money out of this. >> i am getting all of my stock out of e-trade. we have done 10 times things worse. if lyndsay lohan was completely unaware of the show i would have to fix that.
3:37 am
but my favorite part is lyndsay took rehab seriously when she left -- she left three days ago. that is not even time to subscribe to a higher power. what was she doing when the coke went back up her nose hole. >> she took it seriously at first, yesterday. >> she took it seriously until the high wore off. and then you are seriously looking for more drugs. >> do you have a comment? e-mail us at red eye at next news .com. to leave a vice -- voicemail it is 212-5050. still to come, the half time report. >> it is sponsored by the greatest place on earth. it has everything one would need for a lifetime of happiness. thanks, greatest place on earth.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong so far. we go now to andy levy.
3:41 am
it is a shame about anne clara. >> it was her time. >> i suppose it was. >> polls show 80% of americans think we are weaker than we used to be. you said 80% think they have seen the weakest days in the world. ambassador, i was disappointed you didn't bring that up. not off to a good start. >> not a fan of rainbow. i like deep purple though. >> the color or the band? >> the color. >> ambassador, you said reducing commitments is a sign we are weaker, but is it necessarily -- for instance, if we were to pull our troops out of europe and say, foot your own defense bill for once, would that make us weaker? >> it would make them weaker, that's for sure. >> but i'm okay with that. >> anna, you said obama's change hasn't come as quickly
3:42 am
as people hoped for, or maybe it came too quickly. >> maybe. we are getting philosophical. >> bill, you said if you want to know what the world thinks of americans, why did you poll americans? that's not the point. the point is to find out what americans think the world thinks. >> i just feel like, wouldn't you rather know what the world thinks than what we think they might think? >> sometimes it is better not to know what people think of you, especially in our case. >> i have an e-mail address, andy. >> rob, you said let the world spend 10 years flying to beijing and let's see how they feel. it is probably like we do now. >> yeah, well except, yeah, right. we had to wait 10 years to find that out. >> ambassador, what is it going to take to get the u.n the hell out of my country? >> you should want them to stay in new york. it is good for the economy. all of these people come. they would rather be here than where they come from. >> i would rather they be
3:43 am
where they come from. >> they are not contributing. everything they are getting is free. they block traffic. >> they spend a lot more than you guys do, that's for sure. >> you don't know bill's dealer. >> bill spends a lot. >> i am a big contributor to the u.n delegate -- sorry, the columbia delegate. >> rob, i agree with you. he seems like he was just phoning in. especially when he said, death to some of the jews. you already topped yourself? we expect more from this guy. >> exactly. >> ambassador, reports are that 30 cops and two firefighters have been assigned for security. why the firefighters? >> i think in case the fire comes down from heaven and gets him by mistake they want to be there to put it out. >> why would they want to do that? >> new york protects these visitors. they spend money. we have been through this before. >> okay. greg, you joked about going to a show while he is here. he is a huge patron of the theater in iran.
3:44 am
>> i had no idea. >> his favorite is a musical comedy about anne frank. >> oh really? interesting. >> greg-alogue, john stewart rally. why would people who disagree with you hate europe? >> what? i was thinking about your last comment. >> you said people who disagree with you were europhobes. why would they hate europe? >> no, it is a fear of your raw nation. -- urination. >> wanted to make sure it was clear. >> >> another one of those fix-a and edit-a joke-a's. >> how did you understand it? >> we need a new codism -- code! >> my take is there is a fine line between poking fun and mocking. i think they can walk the line if they choose to. >> that's the way to equivocate.
3:45 am
>> harry reid called kirsten jill law -- called gillibrand was on the list of the fifth place went to a lad named ben dunham. he dated january jones for awhile. >> i am not going to tell my squirrel friend that. it will break his heart. >> i have to say mr. marvel is a lot better looking. >> that's the joke about the 50 most beautiful people in washington. they can only find 50 because they are hideous. they are ugly, ugly people over there. >> we get. it. >> i just have to tell you they are really ugly. >> really. >> i don't think reid is roofing himself, but he is self-medicating. he is stressed and dealing with the stress with xanax or valium.
3:46 am
>> you said it is good to see that sexism is alive and well in politics today. on tuesday a gilibrand spokesman played it off saying reid was saying nice thing about the work they have done together and, quote, made a joke referencing the hill article. she seems okay with it or so she claims. >> she can be. i gu feel bad for all of the women in politics. did you see hillary's hair clip? it was the topic on "the view today." >> it was hideous. how she can sit there and be in a cabinet position with a hair clip like that. >> exactly. she is representing america. have to stop letting them vote. jimmy carter says his role as a former president is superior to other ex-presidents. my take is he is right in the sense that people are happier that he is an expresident than any other president. >> perhaps. >> and thanks thing, anna you said lohan is not ready for
3:47 am
celebrity rehab because she has to hit bottom. so going to jail and having a bench warrant issued for your arrest a couple days later, that's not bottom. >> this is like the fifth thym she went through the cycle. there has to be something else. when the funds are dried up and the lawsuits are done,. >> she may be in a coffin though. that's when she will hit rock bottom. >> or "dancing with the stars." >> not that low. >> gotta go. >> i love "dancing with the stars." we will take a break when we return ambassador bolton has something to share with us.
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well, on to more important matters, last night was the two-hour premiere of "dapsing with the stars" which means it is time for something special, something i like to call bolton on bolton. >> bolton on bolton. >> this is where the former u.s. ambassador to the u.n analyzes the move of michael bolton. let's see how he did. ♪
3:52 am
>> now it is time for bolton on bolton. ambassador, how did he do? >> well, i could have done that. i could have done that. i think he didn't look as graceful as he might have been. too weighted down with money. so i think he should find his long lost relatives. >> are you related to the boltons? >> sadly, no. >> first time i have heard sadly. >> yeah, you are the only one. >> i have never heard that. >> you could be related to them if you chose him as your running mate if you were to run for president. >> that's a possibility. >> have you been thinking about this some more? >> yes, i have been thinking about it. i think there is a need to have more of a discussion on national security issues. i am expecting to be back on a
3:53 am
nightly basis until we thrash this out. >> so you are seriously considering a run? >> seriously considering. >> piece of advice? don't do this show again. >> i figured this was the way forward. >> do us a favor and don't give the advice 20* huckabee. keep the number get there. >> palin knows. >> speaking of, do we have tape? bristol palin, take a look. >> ♪ ma ma told me not to run >> so, rob, that's bristol
3:54 am
palin. >> it certainly is. >> that was not levi though, right? >> no. >> it is not like they were back together. >> levi was with kathy griffin trying to make $50,000 on a porn website. >> so he is okay. they are in a good place. >> yeah. >> we live in america. >> yeah, we do. >> three dog night song. wanted to point that out. >> they are talking about a party, by the way. it is a bad party. >> i thought she did pretty good. >> that little red get up she was wearing, daddy like. >> any thoughts? no? >> i think that is a really hard show to do. when you are nervous to move. it is one thing to talk, but to do choreographed dance, i would vomit and pass out on the floor probably. >> i would pay to see that,
3:55 am
anne. >> 10. >> exactly. >> all right, we will close things out with a post game wrap up from tv's andy levy. to see clips of recent shows go to
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time to go back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> thanks, greg. ambassador, are you aware of the fact your mustache has its own twitter account? >> nothing surprises me on the internet. >> it is bolton's mustache is the twister. >> excite charming, actually. >> anna, what are you up to these days? >> i am working for a great internet site. it is called meet the boss .tv and essentially it is business lessons from ceo's and business leaders from around the u.s. check it out. >> maybe i will. >> rob, this is your first time on the show and possibly last if you keep telling
3:59 am
people to come on the show. does greg smell like you thought he would? >> yes. but bill has had his hand on my knee the whole show. >> are you sure that's his hand? >> yeah. >> are you sure that's your knee? >> terrible. >> any hoda updates? >> no. unfortunately i have not gotten a platform on twitter. tomorrow on "today" is wine-ensday and so she will be drinking wine and then i will twitter her when she has a buzz on. >> why not just walk over there. >> because i talked about it and now she is aware of me now. i don't want to be like, hi, hoe daw! -- hi, hoda! >> that means security knows. > it would give us time with me and my friends with

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